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Find Parham Ben Desert Company (Limited) registration number 14287, which owns several iron mine in Amvrmdny active and experienced, it is the Vbzhh copper mine, with professional and knowledgeable staff and consulting specialists in the field of exploration and mining, ready to work and invest and collaborate on ideas and projects, as well as the mineral is the most trusted Azmdndaran, interactions and transactions in mines and ores, minerals and ores reference Amini introduce and supply, and is ready to provide advicepublic wealth through economic development based on coordination and alignment capabilities and support small and steer in the direction of fertility and prosperity.
  • Man is a reflection of the thoughts in the mind is unconsciously Agahsh.

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Hamid Reza Ostadan Safar

CEO Ben Parham
Master's degree in Textile Technology
Benton exclusive representative in Italy in Yazd
Director fibers produced in Yazd
Italy Foam Factory Manager
CEO of Mardin Desert


Amir Hosein Ashtari

Business manager Ben Parham
Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Kerman
CEO Mhrpadyn Yazd
International Business Management chame
Deputy Managing Director of the Company calm


Abas Ashtari

Board member Ben Parham


BA in biology from the University of Tabriz
CEO of peace Yazd
Board member and director of Yazd Shahab Lamp Company
Board member Aylamp
Board Member and Managing Director Mhrpadyn Yazd


Ali Ghasemi

Ben Parham Consulting Company
Expert in geology from the University of Isfahan
Master of Economic Geology from University-teacher Tehran
PhD Petrology of the University of Isfahan
Scientific Board
Members of Mining Engineering
Licensed professional mining engineering work




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